We were so honored to be asked to join the second annual Fresh Bash as the overall featured florist, helping to provide flowers for many of the vendors inside Beatnik Studios, but primarily collaborating with Spreading Lovely Events, The Idea Emporium, and Celebrations! Party Rentals to  create a pre-party Beer Garden and after-party lounge and Silent Disco put on by Silent Storm Sound System. Fresh Bash is put on by Carmen Salazar Photography, Throne Invitations, and Two Roads Events Company showcasing creative collaborations of some of Northern California’s top wedding vendors. It’s a whole lot of fun getting that many creatives together, and so much beautiful work resulted. Head over to the feature in Green Wedding Shoes for more Fresh Bash wedding styling inspiration, as we are only including a small bit here.

So many thanks to Milou and Olin Photography for all the beautiful images.

Lounge_Freshbash_0317We created this fun Shibori photo backdrop for guests to snap photos in front of before entering into the party. Yours truly folded, rubber-banded, twisted, and dyed so many more of these squares than I needed, which was the beginning of what has become a growing Shibori obsession. My hands were stained blue with indigo dye for nearly a month because I just couldn’t stop. I enlisted my husband (thanks, honey!) to help sew all these bad boys together, and am now thinking of converting it to a duvet cover, because it’s just too pretty to stay packed up in a box.

Chico Wedding Flowers_0175Chico Wedding Flowers_0179Sticking to the subtle blush color palette, we created our signature-style, free-form floral arrangements to fill the gorgeous tent, and stuffed in sprigs of hops because little, unexpected details are kind of our jam, especially when they perfectly tie in the theme of the space.

Chico Wedding Flowers_0198Chico Wedding Flowers_0200Pretty rose gold printed cocktail napkins by Throne Invitations, and tons of our favorite rose gold votives, which are available for rent here.

Chico Wedding Flowers_0171We loved how the entire interior of the beer garden portion of the tent was lined with these amazing hedges, making a rainy grey day feel lush and sophisticated. And, it goes without saying, The Idea Emporium pulls through again with her amazing laser-cut signs, which really added the perfect finishing touch to the space.

Chico Wedding Flowers_0201What’s a beer garden without an epic hops installation? We hung nearly fifty feet of gorgeous, preserved hops swags above guests’ heads, as they were directed to the bar; I wish you could have seen it in real life. Who loves beer and is going to let me use these beauties at their next event?

Chico Wedding Flowers_0180The Federalist Public House nailed the most important piece– the beer.

Chico Wedding Flowers_0183Chico Wedding Flowers_0169Chico Wedding Flowers_0170 Throughout the tent, in both the beer garden pre-party side and the after-party silent disco lounge side, we adorned five large chandeliers with trailing vines and indigo blue delphinium (pictured here with the hops swags). Chico Wedding Flowers_0176 Chico Wedding Flowers_0199After working with your arms over your head hanging delphinium from chandeliers for countless hours, there is really nothing better than a beer float.

Chico Wedding Flowers_0181

Chico Wedding Flowers_0206When your assistant  is asked to hand model the beer float — you guys, have you ever seen this florist’s mangled hands? I don’t know how Jaylene does it, but let me tell you, finding the cleanest manicure in the room on my team this was a seriously proud florist moment.

Chico Wedding Flowers_0167 Did I mention all the adult coloring that took place in this space? With beers in hand and unicorns all around. Chico Wedding Flowers_0184 Loved seeing our chandeliers illuminated as the night got later.

Chico Wedding Flowers_0185 Chico Wedding Flowers_0186Shibori backdrop selfies for days, made me feel happy and fulfilled as I hid my blue hands in my pockets.

Chico Wedding Flowers_0209And then for the after party lounge, featuring the Silent Disco phenomenon. Have you heard of these things? I’m not going to lie, I had to look it up when they first explained it to me (aging much?), but what a perfect after party it was.

Chico Wedding Flowers_0197 Chico Wedding Flowers_0187 Chico Wedding Flowers_0188Chico Wedding Flowers_0182




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